thank you for listening.

Recursor would like to thank the souls at which is currently dying
a slow painful death, Knud for this and
Stratslinger's for all the articles you'll
ever need.

all at, for their technical

the master of masters Lorenz for his work
on the final output (see xarc).

Rustgirl for planting the seed of midi in
me, thanks babe.

the friends who've put up with my now
discarded demos including but not limited
to Leigh, Jon, Barry, Rob, Jose, Keebz, Gav, Tim and Marcus.

Max and the memories of Tregarn Mill.

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technical spec.

behringer v-amp
alesis 3630 compressor
alesis SR16 drum machine
behringer UB1202 mixer
nEar 05 monitors
samson C01 condenser mic
ten thousand leads

yamaha SY22 with broken key
epiphone SG gothic
ibanez soundgear active bass
tokai 335 with PRS pickups
epiphone acoustic

ipaq 6345 for sampling

80gig HDD
768mb RAM
creative livedrive
cubase SX2
assorted VST plugins
before hear see read after